Tantric Pulsations with Aneesha Dillon

August 14, 19.00-22.30

About the seminar
A feast of energy, pleasure, sensuality and enjoyment in all the tastes, shades and notes of your nature!
It makes no sense to look for joy somewhere in the outside world, in another person, in buying things, in the endless race for impressions and new emotions. If your body is closed, your mind is full of thoughts, questions, and tasks, your sensitivity is diminished. If you're feeling this life and yourself in it at 5-10 percent, can anyone or anything provide you with true all-consuming pleasure?
Tantric Pulsations is a very beautiful, gentle and delicate way of discovering the natural and infinite source of joy within. By restoring the natural flow of inner energy, we become more vibrant, sensual, free and able to live deeply with positive emotions and feelings.
Tantric Pulsations is a true process of revitalization in all the qualities of life energy that flows through the body and the chakras - from the animal/instinctive layers, through the human expressions of the heart and into the subtle, spiritual realms, silence and meditation.
Seminar program
  • Practices to deepen trust in your body, to get to know and to multiply your energy potential.
  • 🌿A gentle sensual meditation to connect with the space of each chakra, each energy center and to naturally open to the flow of pleasure.
  • 🌿Beautiful rituals to expand contact with the inner space

  • 🌿Getting to know the Master and Teacher Aneesha Dillon.
  • Pair and group practices to create a space of safety and creativity
  • Only the most useful information to support your self-exploration process
Aneesha Dillon
The legendary Teacher and creator of the Neo-Reichian Osho Pulsations, a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western methods, combining the works of Wilhelm Reich and meditation.

Aneesha is also a creator of Tantric Pulsations, a method rooted in the body's natural capacity for pleasure and joy, and the spirit's desire for stillness and meditation.

For over 50 years, Aneesha has been conducting her groups, teaching trainings, individual sessions and supervisions for therapists all over the world.

Aneesha is the author of the book "Tantric Pulsations" which has been translated into dozens of languages.
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Cost of participation:
50 euro for an individual
90 euro for a couple

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