Ошо Пульсация семинар "Радость жизни"

August 23 18.00-22.00 ТАО Кескус (Ротерманни, 2)

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About workshop:
Osho Pulsation is one of the most effective ways of working with muscular and emotional blocks that don't allow us to be expressive, sensitive and energetic.
This soft and complex approach will help us to become whole again, get into a resourceful state, and increase our energy and awareness level.

20 % of the workshop will be theoretical and 80 % experiential, so that you can experience for yourself what blocks are holding your body, where and how you are losing your energy and what you in particular can do about it.

Using this method you can:
- Regain aliveness, sensuality, spontaneity , the joy of life and the capacity to really choose your path!
- Discover and deal with the holes through which you are leaking your energy on a regular basis.
- Release your body from muscular and emotional tensions through soft and deep Pulsation practices.
- Deal with parental sub-personalities – the voices in our subconscious that tell us "how to live".
Group leader - Prem Svaraj
- One of the leading certified practitioners of neo-Reichian Osho Pulsation since 2008
- The facilitator of the neo-Reichian Osho Pulsation Training since 2019
- A Certified Transessence Practitioner
- A Thanatotherapist
- The teacher of "Body oriented psychotherapy" method
- A professional psychologist - trainer
- The facilitator of trainings and regular groups in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Taiwan, India, and China for more than 10 years
- The member of All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League since 2004
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