with Shakura

May 23-June 1, 2025 Tallinn
What is Primal work?

Primal is a process that takes us towards our real self, towards an authentic way of living. It is peeling off the layers of conditioning and pain, so that our true nature can shine through.

Primal is a therapeutic method, a way to work on oneself. In Primal, we go back to the past, particularly the first seven years of life, bringing clarity to the conditioning we received and light to shine on old wounds carried from that time. In ancient times, the Indian mystic Patanjali developed meditations and techniques to relive the past in order to clean the mind and reclaim the space of Being.

In modern times, about 40 years ago, Arthur Janov, an American therapist, developed Primal Therapy to revisit our early years and heal neurosis created at that time.

In the past few years, new concepts and techniques have come into existence, such as the Bradshaw Inner Child work and Co-Dependency. My Primal work includes these different approaches, plus others like: Gestalt Therapy, Bio-Energetics, the Levine Trauma Work, the Almaas Diamond Approach, Hellinger's Family Constellation work, etc. My own unique approach, while embracing all these methods, has been nurtured and created within the umbrella of my devotion to Osho and his insights.
What is the need to go back to the past, when life happens now and we have a future ahead that seems more important?

The fact is that most of us still carry the past inside, in the form of body-mind pain. The strategies we developed in childhood to cope with the family situation still run our lives, often with damaging consequences.

For example, we are unable to live fully in the present because the mind keeps pulling us back, as we have not completed our past. It still hangs around us as a big burden.

As a result:

We don't feel good with ourselves
We cannot enjoy healthy intimate relationships
We may have problems with authority
We cannot be fully alive or creative
Some people may become chronically ill

These are just a few of the difficulties we may face.

What do you do in Primal work?

We bring clarity to our dysfunctional behavior and see how it originated. Then we open the wounds, bring into present awareness the pain that is the cause of this behavior. By consciously feeling it, the pain dissolves.

We focus attention on all the beliefs, "shoulds" and parental voices stored in our minds, understanding that the brain recorded these messages when we were very young, and we identified with them, accepting them as our own. An important part of my work is to help people see the damaging effects of these messages and the reasons why we hold on to them, thereby creating dis-identification.

The group uses Osho's active meditations, elements of Gestalt therapy, the author's technique of Essential Living, pair and group techniques.

Why do this work now?
As adults, we can see that the actual situation that provoked the pain is not happening now, it belongs to the past. Instead of acting out, as we usually do in every day life, we can consciously choose to relive the pain during therapy, in a safe environment.

As adults we have a more developed body and nervous system that can handle intense feelings, and we have resources available – awareness, strength, courage, compassion, a desire to know oneself -- that we did not have at that time. We are no longer helpless, nor dependent on parents.
How long does it take to heal Primal wounds?
We all carry the magical belief and hope that someone or something can heal us in a split second without any pain or effort from our side. The child inside us is waiting for the fairy godmother who can make the miracle happen with her magic wand.
Hence, many workshops are offered all over the world that promise instant results. But the effects of such courses have a short life span. They don't last long simply because this approach doesn't work.

The truth is, I cannot say how long the healing process takes, and, in any case, after a while, this question becomes irrelevant. We become more interested in discovering our inner reality than in achieving a goal.

I can say for sure that Primal is a very, very special structure that works with the very foundation of childhood traumas and we don't walk around. Over the many years of my work, I see that it is this method that allows you to put an end to long-term therapy.
Teacher Shakura
In 1977, Shakura left her university studies in Italy to live and work in the international commune that was rapidly growing around the enlightened Master Osho in Pune, India. During the next few years, she participated in several trainings dealing with body-mind issues. Her quest for self-transformation through meditation and therapy revealed her own intrinsic qualities to be a therapist Soon she began giving sessions in Osho Rebalancing and then leading body-oriented courses such as: A Taste of Rebalancing, Opening to Touch, Loving Yourself-Loving Your Body, Rebalancing Training. She developed her own unique method her Diamond Bodywork from rebalancing in order to move more deeply into the meditative and intuitive aspects of bodywork.

Many times, just by touching the body of the client, a lot of childhood memories and emotions were triggered, and through this her interest shifted towards helping people deal directly with childhood issues. Having been trained in Primal Therapy, Family Constellation and Trauma Work, she started giving sessions and workshops in Primal Therapy. She later created the Primal Transformation Process.

She travels around the world where she leads the Primal Transformation Process and Inner Child courses, Adolescence-Energy Transformation workshops, the Primal Facilitator Training etc. (see menu for full list) and she also offers individual sessions in Primal, Childhood Deconditioning, Counseling and Couple Sessions.

Group Format
The group takes place in the format of a 9-day deep retreat.This requires participants to have special training, organize personal space and take responsibility for:
- restriction in food (sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy products, gluten are prohibited)
- restriction in communication (it is forbidden to talk outside the training room)
- we ask you to turn off phones and any communication with the outside world for 5 days.
More information will be sent to you after registration.
Our schedule:
Check-in May 23 18.00. Dinner at 19.30.
The group starts on May 24 at 10.00.
End of the group on June 1 at 18.00.

Every day there is a break for breakfast, lunch and dinner -amazing vegan, healthy food.
And 2-3 tea breaks.
Fill out the form below and we will contact you.
Cost of participation:
1000 euros if paid before January 1, 2025.
1100 euros if paid before March 1, 2025
1200 euros if paid after March 1, 2025.
Accommodation and meals in the retreat center are paid separately 55 euros per day per person.
Single Room, Double Room, Triple room, Quadruple room.

Prepayment of 250 euros to the account:
Pulsations OÜ
EE982200221082913596 Swedbank Estonia

The prepayment reserves a place for you in the group and is non-refundable if you miss the event.
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