Кто я без моей истории?

Группа продвинутого формата для тех, кто уже имеет большой опыт личной и групповой терапии.

February 7-12, 2023

Who are you if you weren't influenced by everything that influences you? All experienced stories, fears, disappointments, doubts, conscious and unconscious limitations, anxieties. All the stages of your "upbringing", traumas, childhood contracts, your and your parents' conditioning, society, social and cultural environment in which you grew up and live to this day. Who are you without all this that has stuck to you over the years of your life and deeply penetrated into your structures? Have you ever thought about it?
Is it possible to know?

The legendary band Tariki Deep and Anama Smith - "Who am I without my story?"

!!!! Only for those who have already gone through deep therapy!!!!
Total going beyond the boundaries of your mind and any conditioning, ideas about yourself, value systems and any ideas about the world and about yourself.
Tarika Glubin about this process:
A deep process of understanding how to live from the present moment. We will go through an awareness intensive process, based on traditional Zen techniques, designed to penetrate beyond our habitual masks and pretensions focusing our total energy into the search for who we really are...who is in? We will explore what is means to dis-identify from our history and let go of the destructive patterns that unconsciously keep directing our life.
When you practice responding moment to moment, awareness of your identification with the personality starts to develop. Once this is experienced and understood, you shift towards your being, to the center of witnessing. You feel a profound relaxation and the joy of being in the present moment.

The first 3 days are in silence and isolation and the last two are devoted to integrating your new understanding into everyday life.
Anam Smith about this process:
To embark upon the journey towards self-discovery is to open the enquiry about „who am I?“ the most basic question in life. This enquiry brings us to become reflective about our attitudes and beliefs about how life is and about our interactions with each other.

A state of innocence is, psychologically speaking, the state in which we enter this world. Human conditioning is "loaded" into this state of innocence from the moment we are born.
Our gender, race and personality factors beyond our control take us into getting into conflict.

It was this state of being that brought up my enquiry of “Who am I?” came to me in the form of “What is the difference between me and my conditoning?” That was the year that I ended doing the first of these workshops led by Charles Berner as a participant in 1973. This was the beginning of formally acknowledging my personal search. It was the start of a continuing adventure, an recognition of a deficit of solutions and means of communication in life.
Teachers Tarika Glubin and Anam Smith
Tarika Glubin
Tarika Glubin has a master's degree in psychology and 30 years of experience working with people both in groups and individually.

The geography of her professional activity includes Europe, USA, India. Her profile is Primal Therapy (Primal), Early Childhood Deconditioning, Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Couple Relationship Therapy.
Tarika leads groups such as the Freedom Proces.

Anam Smith
Anam Smith (Germany, Hamburg) - Osho therapist since 1975

From the age of 25 he has been conducting Primal Therapy and started teaching at Osho Multiversity in Pune.

His specialties are Bioenergetics, Primal Therapy, Rebirthing, Tantra, Satori, Group Dynamics, Encounter Methods, Counseling and Presentation Skills.

He has experience working with people from many cultures. He conducts seminars in Germany, Holland, Italy and the USA. Anam currently works as a trainer and trainer in personal development, communication and conflict management and mediation as a business consultant.
Group Format
The group takes place in the format of a 5-day deep retreat.This requires participants to have special training, organize personal space and take responsibility for:- restriction in food (sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy products, gluten are prohibited)- restriction in communication (it is forbidden to talk outside the training room)- we ask you to turn off phones and any communication with the outside world for 5 days.
More information will be sent to you after registration.
Our schedule:
Check-in February 7 since 18.00.
The group starts on February 8 at 10.00.
End of the group on February 12 at 16.00.

Every day there is a break for breakfast, lunch and dinner - amazing vegan, healthy food.
And 2-3 tea breaks.
Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Cost of participation:
500 euros if paid before 1st of February 2023.
550 euros if paid after 1st of February 2023.

Accommodation and meals in the retreat center are paid separately 50 euros per day per person.

Prepayment of 250 euros to the account:
EE412200221074953153 Swedbank

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